What is coaching?

Coaching is about identifying personal goals and challenges through focussed questioning and discussion. Can you learn from mistakes and successes?

Have you a process in place that allows personal growth?

Trained executive coaches allow this to happen on an ongoing basis. Our sessions are structured according to your requirements, specific to your business needs and focussed on your personal challenges.

Is Coaching for me?

If you are looking at personal and business development but feel it could be going faster or that you have got "stuck" then coaching is for you. We often find that individuals are great managers and are technically fantastic but does that make them great leaders? Coaching allows the individuals to understand what they do well and areas they could do better. Maximising this learning allows you to grow and evolve as your self awareness becomes more acute.

Coaching can deliver personal goal achievement, having somebody to work with you through your issues brings clarity and focus. Good leadership can be a lonely place to be but coaching allows open and frank discussion with trained individuals with no agenda. Through questioning and challenge the coach looks to create "moments" of clarity that leads to new ways in which personal leadership can grow and evolve. These moments can be recognised by the coach and time taken to understand what has just happened, how it come about and what can be learnt from it. This self awareness then leads to a greater understanding of how your leadership impacts on others and therefore how you can influence others in the future.