About us

All of our independent executive coaches come with a wealth of business experience. We don't just coach, most run their own businesses as well.  This feet on the ground approach means they can really understand the areas you are discussing as they will probably have been there themselves.

All our coaches are accredited and we are members of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). The EMCC as well as other groups allows us to constantly upgrade our knowledge and skills allowing the latest thinking and techniques to be brought to the coaching sessions.  

Good coaches listen without being judgemental and, as we are independent of your organisation, we are able to help you gain insights you may not normally be aware of.


Now a question about you – "who are you" (not what are you ie a lawyer, a engineer, an accountant, a civil servant, but who are you)


To discuss your answer please call Alistair on 01403 734 696